Xeni Alexandrou and Andrea Rama, are    Porson ́s Khashoggi. Their choreographic work overthrows the established notion of the human body as an organic system, and breaks it down to three homologous parts of time, image, and idea. The movement itself manifests as a series of phenomena in an unstructured mode and declares that the body is an illusion.

The dance performance Mirrordrom questions a phenomenon that is held in high regard in the art scene today: innovation. In the same breath it deals with human representations.

The dance performance plays with the idea that innovation is a kind of obsession with variations and changes in external form. This striving for everything that is new can perhaps be traced back to the fact that artists want to find an entirely new form for humans.

Innovation consists of rearranging information that already exists in our mind, body and consciousness. Their source is within, not without.
The form of movement works like a platonic idea. It’s an action that doesn’t find completion, a kind of idea that hasn’t (yet) found its definitive form.
Movements flash. The performers seem to move against their will. They embody possible ways of being that can not only take place on stage, but are in principle open to all people.

Thu, 4.8.2022 – 20:30
Fri, 5.8.2022 – 20:30
Sat, 6.8.2022 – 20:30
Sun, 7.8.2022 – 20:30

Concept / Choreography: Xeni Alexandrou | Performance, Co-Development: Annika Sonja Havlicek, David Pallant, Orlando Rodriguez | Assistance Choreography: Andrea Rama | Costumes, sound: Porson’s Khashoggi

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.


Transhuman Hai

Their recent creation “Transhuman Hai” is α performance that deals with the promise of artificial Intelligence to upgrade the human body to something smarter, bigger, better, and eventually disengage it in the far future from death. “TH” creates an unfamiliar possible world, where everything is reminiscent of something, but not exactly recognizable. The first presentation took place in July 2020, in Uferstudios Berlin.




3.14 Π



Porson’s Khashoggis choreographies have been performed at various venues in Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Reutlingen) and Luxembourg and have made guest appearances in Italy, Finland, Poland, France (Paris, Metz, Annonay), the Netherlands, Greece (Athens , Chania, Volos, Corfu, Patras) and China (Shanghai).

From 2010 to 2013 Xeni Alexandrou and Andrea Rama directed the performance space “Perfect Massin” they jointly founded in Athens, a place for dance that held residencies, workshops, lectures and the dance festival “New Creators Fest” for five editions in a row.

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